**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM** JOYSTICK "I Can't Take it Anymore" (2nd pressing)


**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM** JOYSTICK "I Can't Take it Anymore" (2nd pressing)

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12" Vinyl LP of "I Can't Take it Anymore" by Joystick on black vinyl.

Second Pressing: 500 Black

1. Retcon
2. Detonate
3. Damage Boost
4. Rinse & Repeat
6. Parallelograms
7. No Sleep After Brooklyn
8. 7675
9. Carrot and Stick
10. Unscene
11. Semicolon
12. Past Tense
13. Shots
14. Worm Food
15. I Can't Take it Anymore


Joystick is one of those bands... if you already know, you DEFINITELY know. They shred harder than most punk bands, they skank harder than most ska bands, and their live show is always sure to be one hell of a party. As many of you have learned recently, the New Orleans ska and punk scene is no joke - playing music at all in that city is sometimes a trial by fire. If you don't have the chops, you might as well stay home. Home is one place Joystick has never been stuck for long until this past year, but luckily for us it's allowed them to create the most exciting 15 songs they've ever played and jam them all into one insanely stacked album entitled "I Can't Take it Anymore".

Their first new album in 4 years has the band at the very top of their game, playing their most aggressive, fun, and introspective brand of ska punk to date. The grit and musical mixture on the record might be purely New Orleans, but the consistent themes of redemption, recovery, and getting your kicks while you can are universal. As with other bands in the New Tone ska movement, Joystick proves that ska punk can simultaneously be a raucous party and a moment of self-reflection, while never needing to slow down enough to figure out which is which. “I Can’t Take it Anymore” ducks and dives between breakneck hardcore, anthemic punk rock ballads, and dancehall smashing ska, and will be right at home with fans of Mustard Plug, PEARS, Kill Lincoln, and Big D & The Kids Table.

I first saw the band back in 2013 at the cringe-ly titled "Mass Ska Raid", but I really got to know them on a tour we did together in 2018. From the intensity of their live show you'd think the band might be on the unapproachable side, but the complete opposite is true - I'd come to find out they were some of the nicest most down to earth people on the planet, and we were instant friends. These are just straight up wonderful people who have spent a lifetime loving ska, and "I Can't Take it Anymore" is the fruit of that labor. I put it on and I think of being in the van, not being able to wait to get to the next show so I could see and hang out with my friends, throwing our bodies into one another to each other's songs, shouting at the top of our lungs, waking up with aching heads and backs the next day, and doing it all over again. This album makes me feel NORMAL for a little bit, and that's the highest praise I think I can give something right now. I really hope you enjoy it.

- Mike S


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