**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM ** JER "Bothered / Unbothered" Vinyl LP (3rd Pressing)


**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM ** JER "Bothered / Unbothered" Vinyl LP (3rd Pressing)

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JER "Bothered / Unbothered" 12" Vinyl LP. This is a pre-order that will being shipping on or around 5/31/22

Vinyl Pressing Info:

3rd Pressing:
300 Royal Blue
300 Ruby Red

2nd Pressing (sold out)
200 Green / Black Smash
200 White w/ Black Splatter

1st Pressing: (sold out)
200 Yellow w/ Green, Black, and Red Splatter
200 Tri-color Green, Yellow, Red
200 Evergreen
200 Yellow (Brooklyn Vegan Exclusive)
200 Yellow & Black Smash / A-Side B-Side (Bad Time Record Club)



You Got Yr ---- Card Revoked!
Clout Chasers!
Cold Truth
Decolonize Yr Mind
Garden of Understanding
You Can Get It If You Really Want
Nobody Can Dull My Sparkle

JER - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Trombone
Reade Wolcott - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thiago Trosso - Tenor Sax
Esteban Flores -Keys
Elwood “Woody” Bond - Drums
Doug Perry - Percussion
Jeff Rosenstock - Bari Sax, Keys
David Miller - Trumpet
Elise Okusami - Vocals
Kal The Thot Slayer - Guitar
Carlos Eiene - piano

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Reade Wolcott
Mastered by Alex Dobbert at The Hitlab
Artwork by Ben Passmore
Layout by Mike Sosinski


Finally, after what feels like forever, the first JER record is here. I can’t remember the last time I was so eager to hear a body of music… and I definitely can’t remember the last time that when I heard that body of music, I was as satisfied, impressed, and humbled.

It’s been stated many times by many people over the last few years just how pivotal Jeremy Hunter is to the underground ska resurgence… and I’m going to state it again, because it’s that important. Jeremy embodies the best of what the next generation of ska can be… studied in the history of the genre, but with a healthy amount of skepticism, curiosity, and excitement over ways to push boundaries and propel the music forward. If you’ve been asleep for the past 5 years and have never seen a Skatune Network video… Jeremy is one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists I’ve ever known, and not just by sheer luck or prodigy. They work. Constantly. Whether it’s on their multitude of cover songs, original music, learning a new instrument, or producing videos and content for their many channels, I sometimes wonder if we’re actually living in the same reality with the same number of hours in the day.

To put it simply, Bothered / Unbothered” is a ska masterclass. Not satisfied to just put an amazing ska punk record (which they easily could have)… Jer reaches into nearly every facet of the genre and pulls out something unique at every turn, while blending in new genres in a way that only someone has literally studied and crafted and composed in nearly all of them could. Manic ASOB style ska punk turns on a dime and starts introducing traditional ska, which clashes with title fight breakdowns, trap beats (s-k-a but….) reggae, hip hop, emo, and a myriad of other styles that seem only possible when funneled through Jer’s brain. And it all seems completely organic, as if this is the way Jeremy has always heard the music and we’re finally getting a sneak peek. And just so you remember their ‘roots’, Jeremy throws in a cover of Jimmy Cliff’s “You Can Get it if You Really Want”, seemingly as a nod to both their love of the genre and their well documented cover composition skills.

Most importantly, this album speaks with heart and honesty. Jeremy has never been shy about sharing their opinions, but in “Bothered / Unbothered” you get thoughtful insight on where exactly they’re coming from… whether that’s as a non-binary POC struggling with racism and prejudice both overt and systematic, or as an Internet personality constantly being sapped of mental energy, or as a musician just struggling to survive on their art. It’s a perspective that needs to be documented and shared in our ska community, and I’m grateful to Jer for what it helped teach me about their experience.

I’m so excited to be able to share this with you, and I truly hope you enjoy it… I have a feeling it’s going to hold a special place in the minds and hearts of ska fans for a long time.

- Mike

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