OMNIGONE "No Faith" 12" Vinyl + Digital


OMNIGONE "No Faith" 12" Vinyl + Digital

12" Vinyl LP + Digital Download of "No Faith", the debut full length record from Omnigone. First pressing limited to:
100 Ultra Clear + Black Smoke
100 Tri-color Milky White + Black + Electric Blue
300 Solid Cyan

Most people involved with ska have met Adam Davis through his years of touring the world with Link 80; I met him at the gym. When I first moved to Alameda CA I thought to myself “there’s no way anyone on this island has more ska-cred than me!”… it turns out I was wrong by about 20 years.

As Adam explained to me, his reunion with Link 80 in 2016 was bittersweet. After years of experimenting with different musical styles in his other bands Desa and G.N.A.R.B.O.O.T.S., he was finally playing ska punk again with some of his best friends and musical allies from the past. Sadly it was for only 2 shows, and the band knew it wouldn’t continue much past that. However, the experience reinvigorated Adam’s love of the genre and with Link 80 bass player Barry Krippene at his side, he created OMNIGONE.

The band’s debut LP “No Faith” is everything you want from a ska punk record; it’s fast, aggressive, catchy, and just flat out fun. The songs are quick, and Adam’s intense vocal stylings and catchy riffs hit you right in the gut and beg you for repeat listens. Barry’s bass additions prove that he’s a master of the genre, seamlessly mixing dub and hardcore with lines that walk right out the door (but also stay stuck in your head). The album also features a veritable "who’s who" of ska and punk all stars that make up the rest of the rhythm and horn section, including Steve Borth (ex-Rx Bandits / Link 80), Brent Friedman (We Are The Union), Justin Amans (Kitty Kat Fan Club/Obikubo Station), Jeremy Hunter (Skatune Network/We Are The Union), Bootie Pook (Beat the Red Light), Aaron Carnes (Flat Planet) and Reece Noble.

The Link 80 comparisons are welcomed and inevitable as the record sways back and forth between aggressive hardcore and danceable ska, but don’t be mistaken; the sound is unique to Omnigone, and “No Faith” will definitely serve as its own touchstone for future generations of the ska punk faithful.

Pre-orders receive an instant download of the single "Horizontal Aggression", and a digital download of the full album when it releases on September 13.

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