**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM ** CATBITE "Nice One" 12" (third pressing)
$22.00 - $23.00


**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM ** CATBITE "Nice One" 12" (third pressing)
$22.00 - $23.00

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BTR023 - Catbite "Nice One" 12" Vinyl LP (Third Pressing)

12" Vinyl record of "Nice One" by Catbite + Digital Download. 600 made on Electric Blue.


It can be argued that Catbite is the first real Bad Time Records band. When I started the label in 2018 I knew I wanted to re-issue my own band's EP on vinyl, but beyond that... honestly, I had no clue. When I first saw Catbite come along with some covers on social media, I instantly knew that they were EXACTLY the type of band I wanted to work with; talented as hell, putting their own spin on ska, and serious about their music but with a healthy sense of humor and skepticism about genre definition. Also, I'd been playing shows with Tim and his old band for years. They actually played at my wedding. So... you could say we were kind of familiar with each other. I feel like the band and BTR have grown up together, and you will hear that growth the moment you spin "Nice One".

In the 3 years since we released their self titled debut, I've seen the band grow exponentially in so many ways; as live performers, as studio musicians, as social media moguls, and as a group of friends. "Nice One" perfectly documents that growth, and in my opinion fully realizes the idea of the band in a way that the debut record only flirted with. At one turn the band give's Rancid a run for their money with a speedy & gritty ska attack... at the next their outplaying any rocksteady outfit in the game... and at another their launching into pop ballads with anthemic ear-worm choruses. The band has chops in spades. Tim's reverb-drenched upstrokes would have Roddy Radiation's seal of approval, and I can not name a ska band with a tighter rhythm section than the bond formed between Chris Pires and Ben Parry. And it would be a crime to not mention how god damn talented Brittany Luna is. She can f*cking SING, she can write a HELL of a hook, and you will have absolutely no doubt about either of those statements after hearing this record. Cap that off with top tier guest instrumentalists like Esteban Flores on the Keys, Jeremy Hunter on Trombone, Matt "Food" Ellis on Sax, and Adam Birch on Trumpet, and you've truly got an all-star lineup for a truly game changing ska record.

Punks will love this record. Ska purists will love this record. I love this record, and I'm grateful to the Catbite family for letting me help bring it to you.

- Mike


Side A
Asinine Aesthetic
Call Your Bluff
Excuse Me Miss
Not Ur Baby

Side B
Bad Influence
TV Screen Beauty Queen
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
Lipstick Lines

Catbite is Brittany Luna, Tim Hildebrand, Ben Parry & Chris Pires
Keyboard by Esteban Flores
Saxophone by Matt “Food” Ellis (track 9,10)
Trombone by Jeremy Hunter & Sam Gellerstein (track 9, 10)
Trumpet and Trombone by Adam Birch (track 5)
Recorded by Davey Warsop at Strong Studios & Lucas Kozinski at Sleepless Sound Studio
Produced/Mixed by Davey Warsop at Strong Studios in Long Beach CA
Additional Engineering by Sergio Chavez
Mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering in Nashville TN
Album Artwork by Nicole Saltzer
“Stay” chorus co-write by Davey Warsop

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