Dissidente - "Frontline EP" 7" vinyl

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Dissidente - "Frontline EP" 7" vinyl

Hailing from Pittsburgh PA, Dissidente represents the next generation of American Ska-Core. Finding themselves somewhere between the politically charged skate-punk riffs of Propaghandi and the grimey crust-ska of Leftover Crack, Dissidente throws everything you think you know about ska-punk into the fire... only to pull it out again completely remade. The "Frontline EP" is 4 blistering tracks of technical riffy ska punk, and is also (shockingly) the band's first recording effort. Whether you want to call them hardcore, metal or ska-core, one thing's for sure; Dissidente is the future of ska punk in the Steel City.

7" 140 Gram Vinyl on Translucent Orange Crush with Black Splatter. Limited pressing of 100.

Side A:
Black Bloc

Side B:
Till Debt Do We Part

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