**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM** KILL LINCOLN "Can't Complain" 12" (third pressing)


**BUY IT AT BADTIMERECORDS.COM** KILL LINCOLN "Can't Complain" 12" (third pressing)

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"Can't Complain" by Kill Lincoln Vinyl.

Third Vinyl pressing info:
250 "Galaxy" Yellow + Black (transparent swirl)**
250 "Galaxy" Blue + White (transparent swirl)
500 Black

Track listing:
1. Greetings from Inner Space
2. Used Up
3. Last Ditch Denial
4. Ignorance is Bliss
5. Who am I this time?
6. Confession Obsession
7. Well Spent; Wasted
8. Civil Surgery
9. Quarantine Dream
10. Womb Envy (Paint it Black)
11. Can't Complain

Kill Lincoln is:
Matt "Food" Ellis - Saxophone, vocals
Tyler Rodgers - Drums
Mike Sosinski - Vocals, Guitar
CJ Uy - Bass, Vocals, Guitar solo on "Well Spent; Wasted"
Yasutaka “Ume” Umemoto - Trombone
Drew Skibitsky - Hype

(bonus tracks)
Martin MacAlister - Bass on "McFish"
Alan Moore - Trombone on "McFish"

All songs written by Kill Lincoln except “Womb Envy” by Paint it Black and "David Duke" by Skankin' Pickle.

Can't Complain was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Perras at district recording in San Jose, CA, and produced by Mike Sosinski.
"McFish" was recorded and mixed by Martin MacAlister at Ivakota in Washington DC.

Art by Antonio Roque
Gatefold photos by Lorien Lamarr


Kill Lincoln is BACK with their first new full length album in 7 years! "Can't Complain" distills everything you love about the band into a sweat-inducing 30 minute ska-punk party; powerful horn lines that get stuck in your head, thoughtful lyrics that grab at your heart, and the speed and energy you’ve come to recognize from any Kill Lincoln show. Recorded at District Recording in San Jose CA with engineer Ryan Perras (The Atom Age), the record perfectly captures the band’s live sound and energy, with plenty of rock & roll power for good measure.

Ok that was the sales pitch part... and this is usually the part where I talk about how I met this band, what they mean to me, why I wanted to put out this record, etc. But in case you're just tuning in... this IS my band. So this part will be weird. To write, at least. Anyway... this set of recordings, the people that helped make them, and the final product mean so much to me in so many ways and for so many reasons. Since we recorded "Good Riddance to Good Advice" in 2014, a lot has changed about the band. A lot has changed about me. The members of Kill Lincoln are all truly a second family to me, and we've been through a surprising amount of stuff together (certainly more than any semi-regional ska punk band could ever hope for). I think this record finally realizes what I always wanted this band to sound like... what I always thought we COULD sound like. I think it brings out the best in all of us; Food absolutely WAILS on the sax throughout this record and absolutely kills it with some lead vocal duties (a long time coming for anyone who has followed the band live). CJ comes up with some of the most original ska punk bass-lines I've ever heard and plays the shit out of them... not to mention creating one of the coolest guitar solos I've ever heard in "Well Spent; Wasted". Ume makes his KL recording debut with all the style and energy he usually brings to the stage... loud, dynamic trombone lines that shine throughout the tracks and take a supporting role when they need to. Tyler comes through with his strongest drumming performance on any Kill Lincoln recording yet, perfectly complementing the need for speed and style amongst the differing song styles. And all through the record you can just FEEL Drew bouncing from wall to wall, grabbing you be the collar and singing the gang vocals with an arm around your shoulder. As for me... I'm more proud of the song writing on this record than anything we've ever done previously. Shorter, faster, catchier, but with lyrics that are a bit more mature and reflective of the changing (ie: absolutely insane) world around us. I've always though that music needs to have a message, and I think that message is more clear in these songs than any we've done previously.

There's a lot more I could say, but basically... I think you'll really like this record. At least I hope you do. Thanks as always for your support.

- Mike

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