FREE KICK "Virtuous By Nature" CD


FREE KICK "Virtuous By Nature" CD

Hailing from Hokkaido Japan, Free Kick is hands down one of the most entertaining, energetic, off the wall insane bands I've ever seen. To sum it up with a brief visual, their trumpet player Yuki wears a crash helmet during live sets... and I can personally attest that it's not just for show, but crucial to his survival.

Japanese ska punk bands are usually known for their manic energy and high level of musicianship... Free Kick has both in spades, while adding in healthy doses of humor and a whole lot of FUN.

"Virtuous by Nature" is a collection of some of the band's best tracks from over the past decade plus some previously unreleased material, all available for the first time in the USA. At 24 tracks it offers a huge amount of music spanning a large part of the band's career... so you'll be all caught up by the time they make it stateside.

Simply put, Free Kick is fun as hell. If you're looking for the perfect ska punk record to LAUNCH you into spring and summer, your search has ended. Just don't forget your helmet.

Orders will ship out on or around March 7 2020. Orders include:

BTR012 Free Kick "Virtuous By Nature" CD

Track List:

01. Crack Fuck Steady
02. Understand
03. Pu Pu Ppi Do!
04. I've Taken Leave Off My Past
05. No Matter What I Try To Live
06. My Favorite
07. How Many walls Break In Life
08. Intro
09. Stupid
10. Feel
11. Just Do It
12. Fed Up
13. Fuck For You
14. Joy
15. Fruity
16. 514
17. Joy To The World - Step Over The Borderline 2 [2009]
18. Sic Boy - This Is What We Look Like… [2007]
19. Breakin' Brain - Freedom Sounds [2007]
20. I Don't Wanna Work - Freedom Sounds [2007]
21. I Hate The World - Step Over The Borderline [2007]
22. High Sense Student - Step Over The Borderline [2007]
23. Vans Soul - Change The Dance Floor Into The Mosh Pit!!!!! [2006]
24. Axrxe - Futures Purchase -red- [2005]

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