DISSIDENTE "The War on Two Fronts" 12" Vinyl LP + Bundle
$22.00 - $60.00


DISSIDENTE "The War on Two Fronts" 12" Vinyl LP + Bundle
$22.00 - $60.00

***This is a pre-order that will ship on or around February 25th 2022. Please keep an eye on your email for any updates or delays!***

Dissidente "The War on Two Fronts" 12" Vinyl LP with exclusive pre-sale shirt bundles. Pre-order includes an instant download of the first single "Corvid", with a full download delivered on 2/11/22.

Pressing Info:
150 White w/ Red Splatter
200 Red w/ Black Splatter (BTRC 2022 EXCLUSIVE)
250 Red & Blue Swirl / A-Side B-Side
300 Black


1. 45
2. A Nation of Wolves
3. Colossus
4. Black Bloc
5. Поколения
6. Corvid
7. Куй Железо Пока Горячо
8. . . .
9. Reproductive Reichs
10. Amputee
11. Steeples
12. Labor Day
13. Of Heads or Houses
14. 10 / 27 / 18


The first time I saw Dissidente was in the back room of a tiny, grimey dive bar that served $1 IC Light and 25 cent pierogis… so do I even need to mention that it was in Pittsburgh? I had heard their “Frontline EP” and was knocked out cold. “Who the hell ARE these guys?” was the first thing that ran through my mind after listening to 5 seconds of “Amputee”. “Why are they not one of the biggest names in hardcore, metal, and ska?” was the second thing. As I shuffled around with my plate of pierogis that afternoon in Pittsburgh waiting for the band to play, I couldn’t help feel nervous that they wouldn’t be able to live up to the expectation I built in my head after streaming their tracks. They had RIFFS. They had SOLOS. The lyrics were POLITICAL, fucking PISSED OFF, and very clever. The ska parts were perfectly executed, and most importantly, FUN. “What’s the catch” I kept asking myself. And then they played…. and I was blown away. Not only could they follow through, but they did so with flying colors. I remember talking to Chris while loading our vans at what seemed like the top of an extremely steep hill… “let’s definitely keep in touch” is probably what I said. What I meant is “please call me when you want to put out a record”. Ever since that day I’ve been waiting for that record… it’s finally here, and it is well worth the wait.

“The War on Two Fronts” is aggressive in speed, style, and tone, taking aim at corrupt politicians and systematic oppression as fiercely as it blends riff-laden metal with crack-rocksteady offbeats. Chris’ signature growl conveys years of of pent up aggression, but with enough melody to keep the tracks swirling through your brain for days… while the rhythm section combines forces for a veritable cross-genre masterclass. The few breaks on this album take you through atmospheric interludes with eery piano and prescient audio samples… a pallet cleanser for the speed and ferocity yet to come. You can dance to it. You can spin kick to it. You can run through a god-dang wall to it. But ‘chill beats to study to’ this is not.

If you’re a fan of bands like The Best of The Worst, Folly, The Flaming Tsunamis, Propaghandi, Fucked Up, Paint It Black, Choking Victim, Stuck Lucky or Still Alive, STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW and listen to this record. It’s truly top tier skacore and one of my favorite hardcore punk or ska records, period. I hope you enjoy it… and next time Dissidente plays a bar with 25 cent pierogis, grab your quarter jar and I’ll see you there.

- Mike